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If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes in any one of his many incarnations then you’ll probably know about The Undershaw Preservation Trust, the trust that is working incredibly hard to keep Arthur Conan Doyle’s home (where he wrote many of the Sherlock stories) from being developed. Their patron is Mark Gatiss (actor who plays Mycroft in the BBC series) and you can watch his touching video about the trust at their site here

There are many things you can already do to help spread awareness of the cause.

But now, in addition to the trust’s Save Undershaw sign campaign, we here at wearsherlock are adding our voice to help “Save Undershaw” go viral and we need you to add yours! 

All that is required for you to enter is to take a photograph of yourself (on webcam, or your phone, or anything that can take a picture!) holding a sign that says “Save Undershaw”. You can take a photo with a group of friends or colleagues, even your pets can join in! Be creative and have fun.

At the end of the project (6th May) all the photos will be put together into a montage and then be sold as a print. If you enter, your face will go down in Sherlock Holmes history! All the profits will go towards the campaign and the future of Undershaw.

There will also be a special prize for one lucky entrant! The Co-Founder of the Trust (Lynn Gale) will select her favourite photograph and the winner will receive a wearsherlock GOODIE BAG

There are several ways you can submit your photograph. You can:

  • Upload it to Twitter and send it to us (@wearsherlock)
  • Upload it to your Tumblr and tag it with “Save Undershaw” (we’ll find it!)
  • Submit it to us using our photo submit form
  • Or you can email it to info@saveundershaw.com 

Please try to include some information about the Trust in your posts to Tumblr and Twitter by perhaps linking to their site/Twitter or by reblogging this post. 

That’s it! Get snapping! Please note, we can’t make the montage unless it has at least 100 photographs so please SPREAD THE WORD

There isn’t long left to save Undershaw, so let’s work together to make it happen! 

The pictures in the photoset above show some of the wearsherlock team.
The group images can be found at the Save Undershaw website!

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