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Demand more research into mental illnesses

Demand more education on mental illness

Demand more positive representation of mental illness

Destroy the stigma that surrounds mental illness

Don’t let more kids struggle all their life not knowing what is wrong with them

Don’t let mental illnesses go unrecognized and untreated

Destroy this environment that favors neurotypical able people

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[looks at terrible doodle of diego from my notes this morning]

[burns it]

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Another ace attorney paint. Diego Armando; hamana-hamana-hamana.
(Recognize the color palette?)


Another ace attorney paint. Diego Armando; hamana-hamana-hamana.

(Recognize the color palette?)

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its perfectly okay to like terrible characters as long as you are completely aware that theyre problematic and as long as you never try to actively defend their terrible actions and ignore all their faults that make them the character that they are

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Xenogears official 4koma manga, p049 (1/2)

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OOOOOH, loving that save jingle!

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(for the ship meme) Lana del Fey


Who holds what —

  1. The umbrella, when it rains - Lana, as she’s the one usually carrying an umbrella in the first place. Mia doesn’t plan ahead regarding trivial things like the weather, so she’s always ducking under Lana’s umbrella.
  2. The popcorn at the cinema - Mia keeps it in her lap, and Lana often reaches over and pretends she missed the popcorn so she can squeeze Mia’s hand or arm or something when she’s scared during a movie. Mia just shrieks when she’s scared, or laughs nervously.
  3. The baby, when it cries - They take turns! Depending on the baby’s mood, it wants to be held by both its mommies in turn. Mia tends to rock as Lana sings, or if Lana’s holding it then Mia’s in the kitchen warming a bottle.
  4. The ice cream cone, when they share - Lana! As if she’s letting food go when Mia’s around… Mia tries to eat a whole scoop in one bite when Lana isn’t looking, but Lana catches her and pulls the cone away. Mia has to make up for it in kisses.
  5. The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - Mia is the one better versed in film, so Lana doesn’t mind letting her have the remote to skip the boring parts, or rewind and watch the good bit again.
  6. The basket, when they go shopping - They both carry one and go on separate rounds with half the list each. They meet at the checkout, both having picked the other something sweet or silly as a little gift (e.g. cute brooch, fav chocolate bar, $10 inflatable boxing gloves to play with when they’re drunk etc.)
  7. The door, on dates - Lana typically does so, but Mia has tried to hold the door open, resulting in Lana refusing to pass through unless Mia does first, and them bickering about it for ten minutes before she finally huffs and goes through, Mia smiling softly.
  8. The other’s hand, most often - Mia is the one to do this more in public, as she’s so happy to be with Lana and so proud of their relationship, etc. Privately, it’s Lana who’ll slip her hand under the table and hold Mia, or intertwine their hands when they’re making love. 
  9. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - Mia positively chokes on her breath when she sees Lana in the flowing, layered pale pink dress.
  10. The camera, when they take pictures together - Lana. Mia doesn’t really take many pictures, but Lana doesn’t mind holding the thing when they’re taking selfies or photos of their dates.

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what a nice remix of great revival!!!!!